If you are visiting Miskolc, a wide range of free-time activities are available for you. It doesn’t matter whether you are on a business trip or vacation you will definitely find something that suits your interests. If you are interested in gastronomy, culture, sports or hiking you can find the best options in Miskolc.

Diósgyőr Castle

The closest sight to us is the greatly honored historical spot of the city, the Diósgyőr Castle. It was renovated and got back its full historical form in 2014. The complex welcomes visitors all year and it’s only 350 m from A HÁZ. The Arena of Jousting Tournaments can be found next to the castle and it offers a wide range of cultural programs as well, such as concerts, events, and markets.

Miskolc ZOO

Miskolc ZOO is one of the greatest places for families. The park offers a great opportunity for spending free time with your children. The ZOO gives home to almost 700 animals located in the near forest of the Bükk mountains and it is only 10 minutes by car. The silence and calmness of the forest are especially ideal for those who are visiting Miskolc for business matters and would like to relax after a long and stressful day.

Hámor Rock and Ice Climbing Sportclub

On your way to Lillafüred, you can find the Rock and Ice Climbing Sportclub of Hámor. If you are looking for extreme free time activity during your visit to Miskolc and extreme sports are close to your heart then you will definitely find adventure on the walls of Hámor. The walls are not only the favorite spots of the local climbers but they receive a lot of foreign visitors as well.


Hungary’s little jewel box is Lillafüred which belongs to Miskolc. It is only 7 km from A HÁZ. The symbols of the township are the Palotaszálló and the Hámori Lake that lies beneath it. These two provide the greatest view of the area all year. A lot of hiking trails can be found and visited in the region, the Waterfall of Lillafüred can be visited through the beautifully unique Hanging Gardens of Lillafüred. The Lillafüred Forest Train has its last stop here, which brings tourists from Miskolc. The caves of the region can be visited throughout the year.

Lillafüred Sport and Adventure Park

The complex is located in the Bükk National Park and offers sport and outdoor programs for kids and adults as well. We recommend visiting this place as our unique accommodation comes with unique programs. Besides family programs, it is a good alternative for business events like team building.


Végállomás Bistorant

Those guests who are looking for refuge in gastronomy, our recommendation is the Végállomás Restaurant which is located at the terminus of the Lillafüred Forest Train. The restaurant, which is the best in the city, can be reached in 15 minutes by foot. Why do we recommend them? The answer is really simple. Because they represent the same values as we: quality is above all. The tastes, serving and the presentation of the food are without compromise. We provide a 10% discount for our guests in the Végállomás Restaurant



After a 13 km car ride towards the other end of Miskolc, you can find the popular district of the city which we recommend for the Cave Bath and other reasons as well. During a pleasant walk outside you can visit the small boating lake and the beautiful garden around it that lies between the swimming pools of Tapolca and the Cave Bath. For families, the adventure park and the bobsled is a great option too. You can visit the unique rock chapel which was built in the caves of the mountain. Those who would like to go on a hike can visit the historical ruins of Leányvár.


Cave Bath

Whatever is the reason you are visiting Miskolc, you can’t miss this popular sight of Miskolc. The Cave Bath is considered as a unique bath-complex in Europe that was built in caves. The thermal water and the impressive outlook of the pools magnify the tourists. If you are looking for a full experience in Miskolc then you should definitely stay in A HÁZ and visit the Cave Bath.


Herman Ottó Museum

Those who are interested in culture are going to spend a good time at the Ottó Herman Museum. We recommend the unique Pannon Sea Museum that has permanent exhibitions. It would be a shame to miss the breathtaking exhibition that presents the remains of a 7 million years old swamp cypress forest. The museum is responsible for presenting a wide range of historical and natural legacies.


National Theatre of Miskolc

The first stone theater, the National Theatre of Miskolc majestically rules the city’s most romantic street. During a quick business trip or a short vacation, those who have an interest in culture can still manage to visit the theatre for one night. The annual Miskolc Opera festival is also held at the theatre during summertime so if you are planning to stay at A HÁZ at the beginning of the summer, you should definitely visit the city center during that time.